Creditor’s Rights

Experience Defending Creditor's Rights

Brian has worked as in-house counsel for Banks, Finance Companies, and Insurance Companies for a substantial part of his more than thirty years experience. He knows the bank’s rights and has exercised their remedies with respect to both personal and commercial loans.

He has worked to sue debtors on behalf of banks to collect debts due, he has moved for the appointment of receivers to collect rents related to real properties, and he has served as a receiver himself. He has been responsible for the closing of loans (both commercial and personal), and for handling real estate closings (both personal and commercial).

Brian has put his talent to work for his clients, recovering many thousands of dollars by knowing the bank’s rights. He is no stranger to executing against individuals and corporations alike. He continues to do so for his banking clients, who seek counsel who can competently represent and enforce their rights.

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