Medicare/Medicaid Overpayment Refund Request Letters

By working almost exclusively with Medicare and Medicaid, health care providers are dependent upon government record keeping. Whether you are a solo practitioner or own a group practice or home health agency, you are likely to receive an overpayment refund request letter at some point through the history of your organization.

As soon as you receive a letter informing you of the overpayment, it is crucial to contact a skilled attorney who can defend the integrity and the financial stability of your health care facility. Romanowsky Law has the expertise necessary to fully investigate allegations of overpayment and guide health care professionals through the process of appeal.

Morristown Medicare Overpayment Appeal Lawyer

It is not uncommon for Medicare or Medicaid to hire a physician auditor to review billing statements that have been submitted for payment. These auditors examine the records to determine errors or possible fraud. For exaple, they will attempt to determine if procedures were unnecessarily divided to increase the costs charged.   If they believe they have found an error, they will extrapolate that finding into a percentage of every bill that Medicare or Medicaid has paid over a period of months or years. These Medicare/Medicaid overpayment refund request letters, then, seek repayment on allegedly fraudulent bills. This letter can be intimidating and lead to a stressful time for your practice.

Romanowsky Law understands that repayment of years or decades of bills can be devastating. A skilled New Jersey attorney can fully examine the letter and your billing history to develop a strong strategy for appeal. Whether your appeal is ultimately resolved through a redetermination or reconsideration or in court, trust Romanowsky Law to diligently fight by your side.

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