Wrongful Termination Lawyer NJ


If you are the victim of wrongful termination, workplace sexual harassment or discrimination based upon your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or other protected status, Romanowsky Law can help you recover damages.


  • Romanowsky Law has been called upon to represent the interests of doctors, nurses and other professionals who have been the victims of inappropriate conduct in the workplace. Regardless of your job title, if you were wrongfully terminated or “constructively” terminated, you may have a claim under New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination (“LAD”). Constructive Termination is the wrongful act of changing your work circumstances to such a degree that no reasonable person would continue to work under those circumstances. Contact Romanowsky Law now. Brian will be happy to discuss with you whether you have a claim. 973 451 1116.


  • If you were discharged or constructively discharged in retaliation for your effort to stop your employer from exercising an illegal activity, you may have a claim under the New Jersey Conscious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) and federal whistleblower protection laws. Those laws were passed to protect people who “blow the whistle” on employers who are harming the general public by violating applicable law. Such “whistleblower” cases often enable you to recover damages, as well as attorneys fees. Romanowsky Law can determine if you have a claim under CEPA.


  • If you are the victim of a workplace environment which is rife with inappropriate sexual touching, verbal sexual assault, or other circumstances, and management has failed to redress the issues you have presented to them, you may be entitled to recover damages. Your damages may include emotional distress, and in some circumstances, punitive damages.

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There exists a myriad of laws which can help you find redress. Romanowsky Law can help you determine if you if your situation presents a good claim. It costs you nothing to call Brian today, and tell him about your circumstances. He’s standing by to speak to you. Call 973-451-1116.