Will NJ Join the Multi-State Nursing Licensing Group?

Recently, the New Jersey State Assembly voted unanimously to advance the latest version of a Bill that would enable the Garden State to sign on to a growing collaboration that already includes Delaware, Maryland and most of the Southeast. 

The Bill was sponsored by Democrat Herb Conoway, Jr. who presented the Bill in June of 2016.  “The current system of duplicative licensure for nurses practicing in multiple states is cumbersome and redundant for both nurses and states; and uniformity of nurse licensure requirements throughout the state promotes public safety and public health benefits,” reads the latest version of the Bill. 

Some nursing groups however have raised concerns that joining the pact could lower the standards of the State of New Jersey.  They point out that potentially less stringent requirements of other states would enable prospective nurses to find employment in New Jersey to the detriment of New Jersey residents. 

As of 2005, the group comprising the consortium who have adopted the legislation had grown to 25 states.  Multi-state licensing legislation is pending in five additional jurisdictions including New Jersey and Massachusetts.   If the State legislature elects to adopt the legislation, it will need to do so shortly as there are only a handful of voting dates available before the legislation ends in mid-January.