A Time for ThanksGIVING!

I am always thankful for the many blessings in my life, including my family, my health, my friends, and ability to support worthy causes.  I’d encourage everyone reading this to support two causes I support:

Gift of Life Inc. of NJ:  Today, there are over four million children around the world who have been diagnosed as “terminal” due to a congenital heart defect.  The vast majority of those children will perish because they do not have the resources we have in America: talented doctors with sufficient expertise, quality hospitals, the financial wherewithal to pay.  Their mothers and fathers simply await the inevitable.

The Mission of GOL is to assist such children regardless of their race, ethnicity, or religious inclination.  While this organization can’t save all of these children, it saves many “One Little Heart at a Time” by arranging for them to visit the US where our partner doctors donate their talents free of charge, or by sponsoring medical missions abroad, where surgeries are done pursuant to medical missions.

There is much more to learn about this worthy cause.  It is run entirely by volunteers, and enjoys 501 (c)(3) IRS status.  I invite everyone to visit their webpage at: Giftoflifenj.org

GOL is always looking for like-minded people who want to help.  You may contact me for more information.  Or, you can assure that a small portion of every Amazon purchase you make goes to GOL.  This can be done by making your purchase through “Igive.com” or “Amazon Smile” – and chose to support Gift of Life Inc. of NJ.

NJ Court Appointed Special Advocates:  “CASA” is a group of volunteers who serve as the Court’s “eyes and ears” with regard to children who are caught up in situations where DYFUS removes them from their homes for any myriad of reasons.

Thousands of children around NJ are removed from homes in NJ because their homes are unfit, or because their parents are unable to supervise them.  Those children are placed in temporary “foster” type homes, while DYFUS and others work to remedy the situation which caused the removal.  Reunification of the child and her or his family is always preferred, but while the child is removed, someone has to check on the child to make sure he or she is attending school, is receiving counseling, is receiving their medications, they’re making their doctor appointments, and otherwise managing.  CASA volunteers are those people.  They keep a close watch on the child, and report their findings to the Court, to enable the Court to make decisions regarding the welfare of the child.

If you can spend time helping to assure that such children are being cared for, I would encourage you to contact CASA.  You can learn more at CASAOFNJ.ORG 

Americans are generous people, as evidenced by the many thousands of worthy causes which exist.  Nobody can support all of them, but I give my thanks by giving to these two.

Please join me.