How To Successful Leave Your Medical Practice

Leaving a job is always hard. Whether you are leaving voluntarily or not, you have a lot of decisions to make. You will be losing a relationship with an employer, will need to reconsider your financial situation, and will have to consider the legal consequences. You can address these issues with your employer. If you are being terminated and must leave your medical practice, make sure to discuss your reasons and concerns as soon as possible in order to ensure you are not being wrongfully discharged.

Your Agreement

  • When you were hired, an employment agreement was executed by your employer. You should review the terms before making a decision in order to avoid breaking any of the agreements you might have signed off on without reading. The agreement should have a section stating the grounds for termination, with and without a cause. It should also explain your rights and obligations following this termination.

It will vary depending on the situation, and each one should be explained thoroughly. Look for the clauses that apply to you and if you were terminated, ask your employer to point out the clause which they are terminating you for. There may be some coverage that physicians are required to pay in the case of termination, but this will have to be specified in your agreement as well.


  • If you are entering a termination agreement, your employer will need to address and resolve all outstanding issues in the employment agreement. This termination agreement is basically being made to avoid any future litigations from being made in the future, as they can be costly. Ideally, the employer will address the issues and their reasons for the termination, pointing out the reasons in your employment agreement.

This way you are fully aware that they are terminating you for reasons they believe to be disruptive to the business, as per to the agreement. You want to make sure there is no wrongful discharge and that you are legally protected if there is. This is why you must speak to your employer as soon as you can.

Find Out What You Might Be Entitled To

  • Although it will depend on the circumstances, you may be entitled to severance pay when you are terminated. Make sure that you get everything you are supposed to, such as your last paycheck. Make sure that your employer gives you what they legally owe you, and find out if you are entitled to any coverage.

Keep It Down

  • While it can be tempting to tell everyone about your termination, you might want to keep it on the down low since you will still need to go through the actual termination and might still cross paths with your employer or coworkers again in the future. Stay civil and just do what you need to do to move on from the termination. Make sure you get all the benefits and start looking for a new job when you are finally available. As tempting as it is to talk smack about your ex-boss behind their back, don’t.


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