Staff Credentials and Privileging

Staff Credentialing and Privileging is a daunting undertaking.  Credentialing is the process of examining a health care provider’s background, education and other criteria.  Health care employers must complete some due diligence before they grant a health care worker privileges, particularly because the health care provider is being put in a position of responsibility which may result in financial liability or injury to others.

Credentialing often requires the verification of medical licenses, the existence of malpractice insurance and the investigation of any disciplinary actions related to your work history.

Each hospital or other entity typically has its own bylaws which establish their unique process, usually designed to improve quality of care and reduce medical errors. However, it can also be used to unfairly advance economic or political motives within an organization.

Consider whether your privileges have been revoked for legitimate reasons, or because of insider competition, discrimination, or because you have taken some action which constitutes “whistleblowing”.  Under any circumstance, you need competent counsel in your corner.

I will conduct a full investigation to uncover the real reason behind your denial or revocation and assist you in creating a strong defense. Protect yourself against the long lasting damages a revocation of privileges may have.