The New Jersey Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Unit

Recently, Mark Moskovitz, Esq., Deputy Director of the Medicaid Fraud Division of the office of the State Controller gave a presentation to a small handful of attorneys who practice Medicare and Medicaid Fraud.  Here are some of the “takeaways” from the seminar:

The Medicaid Program Integrity and Protection Act was passed by the NJ Legislature on March 16, 2007.  Among other things, the Act was created for the purpose of establishing a department within the NJ government whose purpose was to detect, prevent and investigate fraud and abuse related to Medicare and Medicaid in the health care industry.  The goal of the Department is to recover improperly expended Medicaid funds, to enforce Medicaid rules and regulations, to audit cost reports and claims, to review quality of care, and to refer criminal cases to the appropriate prosecutor’s offices.

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