Who Is Really Reviewing Your Physician Employment Contract?

New Jersey physicians seeking a contract review have a number of choices. In fact, the legal business of physician contract reviews is becoming a cottage industry with cutthroat prices becoming the norm. Why do some physician contract attorneys charge more than others? The answer is simple: “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!” The lowest price service providers often utilize attorneys with relatively little experience. Those attorneys in turn are often paid a fee or a small percentage of the fee charged to the New Jersey physician. Sometimes that work is supervised and sometimes it is not. Sometimes the inexperienced attorney provides the work product to a more experienced attorney who then communicates with the client, as though the more experienced attorney reviewed the contract.

At Romanowsky Law, there is only one attorney who provides the physician contract review: Brian Romanowsky. Brian has over 30 years of experience in the legal profession.

When you retain Romanowsky Law for purpose of reviewing your physician contract, you can rest assured that some other unknown and less experienced attorney is not reviewing your contract to find the pitfalls you need to avoid.

Contact Romanowsky Law today to have your physician employment contract reviewed promptly.